A Visit to Honduras

IMG_0872I’d been planning a trip to Cofradia, Cortez Honduras since last November after visiting Nogales, Mexico and missing my home from last year.  Britney, a friend from Los Angeles who completed the DOOR volunteer year last August, got on board in January and we started anticipating the culture experience we would have together!  I warned her about the basics of cold showers and not flushing toilet paper and we hopped on the plane together.Lunch in Copan

Although we started our visit with a trip to Wendy’s on the way to Cofradia (since all of the local places were closed), our bellies were filled the rest of the week with fresh guacamole scooped with plantain chips, pupusas topped with incurtido, baleadas filled with beans and queso seco, fried chicken and tajadas, and refreshing licuados (a milk-based icy beverage).  We spent a lot of time chowing on typical Honduran food and swinging on the hammocks on the back porch but we also had time to catch up with current and past teachers, hang out with some local Hondurans, visit my evangelical church, and witness how the first graders I once claimed as my students have developed into beautiful, better behaved second graders. WIth the second graders!

In addition to hanging out on my old stomping grounds, we also took a trip to Copan, a quaint, cobble-stone tourist destination overflowing with souvenir shops, corner coffee shops, and locals selling everything from a half an hour of mariachi (a great bargain!) to mangos in a bag.  We arrived into the pitch-black city realizing that the power had gone out, but minutes after checking in, the lights turned on!  We wandered down the cobble-stone, purchasing some street food and listening to the mariachi then headed back to the hotel room for a good night’s sleep uninterrupted by the roosters that make noise at all hours of the day and night in Cofradia.  The next morning, we were determined to find some horses to ride and after asking several people selling in the central park, we found a gentleman willing to get a guide to bring us on a tour alongside a river and up a mountain.  After a trot and some beautiful sights, we had a lovely lunch outdoors and hopped back on a bus to Cofradia to finish off the weekend with more friends and food.

After riding Chula!Being back in the classroom reminded me of how much I missed being there.  The time we spend with the kids in the neighborhood in Hollywood has been very rewarding and reminds me of my days in the classroom.  Weekly I help Andy with his math homework and spelling words and I often get the chance to read with Andrea or Eliu.  Last month I even got to revisit algebra with one of our high school neighbors! At the Airport

I’m glad to be back in Hollywood with my family in the Gregory Ave. neighborhood, but a part of my heart belongs in Honduras.  After returning back to the States I was presented with the opportunity to return to Honduras with BECA once again at a new school located about an hour from Cofradia on the grounds of an orphanage primarily serving children at the home.  As I enter a time of discernment about what to do next year, I ask for your prayers!  As always, thanks so much for your support.


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